Steps to Consider When Choosing an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs can genuinely become a good source of income. However, some affiliate programs swindle people into selling their wares without paying their affiliates. Vigilant people avoid such scams by following some simple tips and looking out for the loopholes affiliate scammers are taking advantage of. Some of the points that must be considered before choosing an affiliate program are as follows:

Before selecting any opportunity, one must ensure that the merchant or the affiliate program has adequate contact information. Do not hesitate initially to inquire about the payment status. If there is no contact numbers or an email address, you can be sure that this is a good sign of an affiliate program scam.

If a merchant asks for a joining fee or charge of some sort, be cautions. This is a good sign that the affiliate program is a scam. Affiliate marketing is beneficial for both the merchant and the affiliate. This is a partnership that requires no charges. The vendor wants as many genuine affiliates marketing their products as they can. If a merchant requires any sort of upfront fee, it is a good sign of an affiliate program scam.

Be sure that no business pays higher than what is possible. If affiliate programs claim to pay a very high commissions and promise to earn you millions of dollars a month, this should be an instant alert. ‘Too good to be True’ offers are usually scams.

A fake affiliate program would collapse within six months of launching. So the best way to decipher the genuineness of a program is to watch for at least six months. Try and type the domain name in. Check to see the domain age and how long the domain is registered for. These are good indicators of if the program has been around for a while and how long the owner intends to keep the site live. Most scammers that setup an affiliate program will only register a domain for a year. Also if the program is genuine, it would keep a clean record of the commissions paid in the past. New affiliates can always check these commissions and validate with other affiliates. Another way of checking the validity of affiliate programs is by visiting online forums or reviews sites and getting feedback on them.

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